Cameron gives enthusiastic welcome to new Scots Tory leader Jackson Carlaw

Highlands and Islands Conservative MSP Donald Cameron has welcomed the election of Jackson Carlaw as the new leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

Mr Cameron, who backed Mr Carlaw during the leadership campaign, said: “I am delighted that Jackson has won the support of the Party’s membership.

“His campaign was focused on developing concrete policies for improving our public services, such as education and health, all of which have deteriorated under the SNP.

“As the Shadow Cabinet member responsible for co-ordinating policy ahead of the 2021 elections I am looking forward to working with Jackson to draw up a manifesto which will spell out how the Scottish Conservatives will address these issues which have been neglected for far too long by Nicola Sturgeon because of her obsession with independence.

“Ruth Davidson did a fantastic job in establishing the Scottish Conservatives as the only credible alternative to the SNP. Now we need to take the next step which is to supplant them as Scotland’s governing party.”