Cameron Lodges Motion to Celebrate 10 Years of BBC ALBA

A motion celebrating the tenth anniversary of BBC ALBA has been lodged with Scottish Parliament officials by Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron.

The motion notes the work of MG ALBA and the BBC, the principle partners of BBC ALBA and the fact that since its inception over £160m has been invested into producing Gaelic language content.

It also acknowledges the work the MG ALBA have done to work with other Gaelic organisations including Bòrd na Gàidhlig, to understand the changing trends in Gaelic culture and to implement these in its content, and also its investment in promoting Gaelic to younger audiences.

It is hoped that the motion will be debated in the Scottish Parliament as part of Members’ business if it attracts cross-party support.

The motion also recognises the recent partnership established by the UK’s four main Celtic broadcasters; S4C of Wales, Northern Ireland Screen’s Irish Language Broadcast Fund,TG4 of the Republic of Ireland and BBC ALBA.

The Celtic International Fund aims to “promote co-development and then co-production through Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Irish, and to encourage a broader European and worldwide internationalisation of productions which are originally conceived in those Celtic languages.”

Donald Cameron MSP said:

“The recent commitment by BBC ALBA and the other major Celtic broadcasters to invest more in original content is a perfect way to celebrate ten years of this fantastic public service broadcaster.

The fact that BBC ALBA accounts for around 50% of independently-produced hours for audiences in Scotland should be welcomed.

I am encouraged by the optimism shown by MG ALBA, and its continued investment in Gaelic media.

I would encourage all readers to get in touch with their local MSP, and ask them to sign my motion, so that we can properly recognise this landmark achievement.”

To view the motion and see who has signed it, click here