Cameron – new poll shows SNP is dividing our communities

Donald Cameron MSP

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has accused the SNP of dividing communities in his region after a poll showed that more than 60% of people in the Highlands and Islands considered that Scotland has become a divided country with 56% of them blaming the SNP and an even higher percentage blaming Nicola Sturgeon.

The poll was conducted by YouGov earlier this month and it also revealed that the majority of people in the Highlands and Islands would vote against independence in a referendum by a margin of 15%, the second highest of any region in Scotland.

Mr Cameron said: “This poll should be a wake-up call for the SNP and their representatives in the Highlands and Islands. People here clearly blame them for stoking up grievances which are pulling communities apart.

“It is shocking that fully 48% of people in this region agreed with the statement that ‘The divisions in Scotland on independence and Brexit will last for a generation, and may never be healed’

“We desperately need a period of time when we put constitutional matters behind us and let the Scottish Parliament concentrate on what it was set up for, which is to improve our public services like education, health and the police.

“It is a sad indictment of the SNP politicians that they would rather play to the nationalist crowd than give our country the time and space to come back together again.”