MSP and councillor back Islay residents in street lighting dispute

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has joined local councillor, Alastair Redman, in expressing concern about the impact new street lighting could have on an historic Islay village.

They are concerned that the installation of new streetlights, mounted on metal lamp-posts, could detract from the appearance of some roads in Port Charlotte, which is a designated conservation area. The new lights would replace wall-mounted lights and could, residents fear,  make a significant impact on the character of the area.

Mr Cameron said: “A number of residents have been in contact about this matter as they fear that the introduction of these lights, which are really more suited to an urban setting, are inappropriate to their village.

“I think it is incumbent on the Council to show some regard to their concerns as local people are, rightly, proud of their architectural heritage and do not want to see it compromised by the insensitive implementation of a policy which is not appropriate for their community.

“I would urge them to look again at this issue.”

Councillor Redman (Kintyre and the Islands) commented: “A one-sized fits all approach is not right. Port Charlotte is a special place and that is officially recognised by its conservation area designation.

“Special provision is being made for other communities, like Inveraray, and I feel very strongly that the same consideration should be given to Port Charlotte.

“People here take pride in their village’s appearance and let’s not see it spoiled by the wrong street lights in the wrong places.”