MSP says Scottish Government must get its act together on delivery slots

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has expressed concern that the Scottish Government’s decision to take a different approach to the UK Government on supermarket deliveries may mean vulnerable people in his region are put at a  disadvantage.

Last week, following concern that some people in the Highlands and Islands were missing out, Mr Cameron had urged local supermarkets to go “the extra mile” to help customers who faced challenges in shopping personally instore.

Mr Cameron spoke after the issue was raised again at First Minister’s Questions .

“The UK Government simply passed its list on to the big chains, which allowed them to prioritise delivery slots for those who needed them most.

“But here, the SNP decided to take a different and more complicated approach  which, judging by the results, has meant a lower number of shielded people receiving the help they need.

“Frankly, our big supermarket chains could do without having to manage a separate system in Scotland which has been introduced by the SNP simply for the sake of being different.

“While I have urged the supermarkets to do as much as possible, they badly need the Scottish Government to get its act together fast so that local people receive the supplies they require.”