Ongoing Problems with Western Isles Ferry Service


Commenting on the continuing problems of the ferry service to the Western Isles, Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has said that issue is a “devastating indictment” of the Scottish Government for failing to plan properly for the service.

The Scottish Conservative MSP said: “If people lose confidence in the reliability of the service then they will think twice about setting up businesses and investing in the islands. I have had numerous constituents from the Western Isles contacting me to express their fears.

“This failure by the Scottish Government to sort out the ferry service is a devastating indictment of the SNP’s 12-year track record in Government.

“This is a lifeline service and fundamental to the future of the Western Isles and yet we have not seen the necessary long-term planning to ensure that we have a fit-for-purpose ferry fleet.

“The SNP continue to fail the Western Isles and have allowed this situation to develop over the last decade while the service has deteriorated.

“Angus MacNeil is more than happy to speak up when it comes to sounding off about a second independence referendum, but he seems to have failed to make the case for ferries with his SNP colleagues at Holyrood who control the purse strings.

“We now need a positive commitment from Nicola Sturgeon to provide the islands with a resilient ferry service that minimises the chance of cancellations at the height of the summer season.”