Parliamentary praise for Oban pontoon investment

Donald Cameron MSP in Oban

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has highlighted the contribution made to Oban’s economy by the town’s new modern pontoons.

In a motion to the Scottish Parliament Mr Cameron drew attention to an £800k boost in tourism spending attributed to the success of  the development which opened in 2017.

Mr Cameron, the Scottish Conservative Shadow Finance Secretary, said: “Tourism is fundamental to the economy of Oban and the wider Lorn area and Argyll and Bute Council is to be congratulated on this successful initiative in Oban which has generated extra income for the town.

“This shows that investment in our transport infrastructure has the potential to be of great benefit to local businesses and helps to sustain jobs in the area.

However, other elements of our infrastructure, such as roads and ferries, also require support and that will require major funding from the Scottish Government itself.

“We must continue to exert pressure on ministers to take effective action which will allow us to take advantage of a revived tourist trade once the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end.”

Donald’s motion to Parliament:

Oban North Pier Pontoons

That the Parliament welcomes the news that the Oban North Pier Pontoons and the Harbour Building have made a significant contribution to the local economy of Oban; understands that, after the new modern pontoon facilities opened in July 2017, they have generated significant additional tourism for Oban and the wider Lorn area; recognises a recent report showing that, at the end of 2019, 4,196 boat nights were recorded, with 17,326 extra visitors to Oban, and that this generated an additional tourist spend of £814,322; acknowledges the importance of such facilities for the long-term future of Oban, especially in the recovery from the current COVID-19 pandemic, and wishes the North Pier Pontoons continued success.

Supported by: Maurice Corry, Jamie Greene, Gordon Lindhurst, Bill Kidd, Miles Briggs, Alexander Stewart, Brian Whittle, Murdo Fraser, Alison Harris, Edward Mountain, Jeremy Balfour, Finlay Carson, Margaret Mitchell, Liam Kerr, Tom Mason, Peter Chapman (AS OF 21/04/2020)